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  • women.

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to facilitate the search for your favorite perfume, i have developed an overview, that will suggest a perfume depending on the time of day, occasion, or mood you would like to use it for.
in general fresher, lighter scents are more suitable for daytime and office use, as well as on warmer days. heavier, sweeter scents are more common for evenings, colder days, and special occasions.
we intentionally abstained from the widely used separation in masculine and feminine scents. our believe is all biehl. parfumkunst-
werke are suitable for women, whereas, from our experience, some of the dominantly floral perfumes are less suitable for men.

c classy, elegant
m modern, casual
d daytime
n nighttime
Thorsten Biehl
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men gs01 pc01 pc02 mb02 gs02 mb03 eo02 al03